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Quiksilver “Moments”

14 March 2011, 19.30 | Posted in surfing, videos | 1 comment »

Quiksilver just dropped a rad free full length edit on the interwebz. “Moments,” is 24 minutes of Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Jeremy Flores, Craig Anderson, Clay Marzo and the rest of the global Quiksilver surf team in Indonesia, Hawaii, Tahiti, Mexico, Australia, France and Puerto Rico. They even pulled out the helicopters for this one, enjoy.

Kelly Slater 10th Title Retrospective Edit

18 November 2010, 18.30 | Posted in history, surfing, videos | No comments »

Here’s a nice little feel-good edit from Quiksilver recapping Kelly Slater’s rise to the title of ten time world champ. It’s amazing how much rad history they were able to pack into a minute. One thing is for sure, Slater is the truth.


Quiksilver Cypher Series

25 March 2010, 22.46 | Posted in boardshorts, surfing | No comments »

Quicksilver introduced it’s non-chafing Diamond Dobby technology last season and have rolled it out even harder this year with the Cypher Club, a program bringing the best in Dobby tech to a select grouper of surfers and doers across the globe. The first two selections have been Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds’ pro models, the Massive and Brigg respectively. These are the most tech boardshorts in the game. More looks at each after the jump.

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Eddie Aikau Invitational Recap

10 December 2009, 17.38 | Posted in Competitions, surfing | No comments »

Rad Collector - Eddie Aikau Invitational Recap
The Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Invitational went down in Waimea, Hawaii on Tuesday, 25 years to the day from the first contest dedicated to the memory of one of Hawaii’s most fearless big-wave riders. The 50 foot waves that also showed up for the contest turned it into one of the gnarliest showdowns in recent history and resulted in an amazing 100 point score for both Greg Long and Ramon Navarro (shredding craze above). The 100 pointer put Long on top of Kelly Slater for the win and $55,000 while Navarro’s scored him 5th place and the Monster Drop Award. Check out full results and photos by Lyndsey Wong after the jump.

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The Tony Hawk Show Paris

26 October 2009, 10.09 | Posted in Art, Events, Music, Skateboarding | No comments »

Next month in Paris, his Hawkness is taking it up yet another notch with the Quiksilver Tony Hawk Show set to pop off at the Grand Palais, one of the city’s most epic venues, and one never before used for a private event. Tony and a cadre of shredders including Kelly Slater, Travis Rice, and Dane Reynolds will be joined by the artist Andre who will be doing live painting on what is being billed as Europe’s biggest skate ramp ever. There are only 5,000 seats available for this monumental event. Swiss magazine 7Sky happens to have two of them and will hook them up to the person that sends them “the most beautiful phrase you’ve ever heard of, or you’ve invented” before November 2. No pressure there right? To give it a shot go here. Or you can try to buy a ticket right here. More on this to come.