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King Shit | Gravis Dylan Oxblood Review

26 October 2010, 13.37 | Posted in magazines, Shoes, Skateboarding | No comments »

King Shit has one of the best shoe reviews we’ve ever read up right now with “The Shoes Are Alive” by Josh Tyson. We had one of the first looks at the Oxbloods back in August and have a pair at the office that we admire but have not worn due to some of the questions raised and put to rest by this genius piece. A synopsis could not do it justice so just hit the full review here.

King Shit x Cons x GEF | Sluts in Heat

26 October 2010, 10.47 | Posted in contests, magazines, Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Genius Canadian skateboard magazine King Shit and Cons recently held the Connect the Dots video contest with no rules other than to submit something good. The Ottawa entry from the the Golden Eagle Fuckers entitled “Sluts in Heat” took the top award for obvious reason. Don’t watch if you are easily frightened.

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King Shit Ricky Powell Interview

14 June 2010, 14.27 | Posted in interviews, photography, videos | No comments »

The hooligans at King Shit just dropped what they hoped would be the definitive interview with Ricky Powell. Definitive though it might not be, it is definitley 100% Rickster. Check the video here.

King Shit 3D!

03 June 2010, 16.49 | Posted in magazines, Skateboarding | No comments »

King Shit, the last “we don’t give a fuck” skate magazine in existence has just cast themselves seriously against type and pulled out all the stops for their first ever edition in 3D. Turns out that James Cameron owed Chris Nieratko a favor for the suppression of some south of the border indiscretions a decade ago and agreed to produce the whole thing in his Avatar studio for free. Seriously. If you want to check out stuff like Brandon Del Bianco, The Street Demons, Koty Brown, Matt Berger, Dan Redmond, Tommy Guerrero, Ethan Fowler, Desmond Hoostie, Mike Campbell and Seb Labbe in full 3D glory you need to get to a skate shop in Eastern Canada on June 8th or Western Canada on June 14th (it’s delivered via Pony Express) or you need to go to the Radcollector Facebook page and tell us the 5 greatest 3D movies ever made. If your selections adhere to our standards, we’ll have a copy sent right to your door. A look at the cover after the jump.

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King Shit Vol. 2 Issue 1

19 April 2010, 10.59 | Posted in magazines, Skateboarding | No comments »

The new issue of King Shit with Matt Berger on the cover just plopped and its a banger. From Ambush interviews with Pat O’Rourke, Adam Green, and Stacey Gabriel to an expose on dudes that are sexually attracted to skate shoes, its clear why King Shit is often considered the CNN of skateboarding. Unfortunately its still pretty hard to get a copy outside of Canada but if you holler at us on Facebook we’ll give you one out of our stash. If you’re content to nerd out on the computer, you can read the entire issue online right here.


King Shit & King Snow | Full Editions Online

05 February 2010, 17.39 | Posted in magazines, online, Skateboarding, snowboarding | No comments »

The final two remaining subversive voices in skate and snow media, King Shit and King Snow magazines, have just launched full print editions on their respective websites. Finally, if you are not fortunate enough to live in Canada and have been sick of waiting for issues in the mail that never come, you can hit the interwebz to catch up on everything you are missing. Full issues of King Shit can be found right here and King Snow is over here.

King Snow Issue 1 Preview

02 November 2009, 15.06 | Posted in magazines, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - King Snow Issue 1 Preview
Hey buddy! King Snow, soon to be Canada’s raddest shred mag and the editorial cousin of King Shit, is set to drop their first issue on November 9th. Like Tim Horton’s, Healthcare, and every else good up there, the Canadians are keeping it for themselves. But for those of us in other parts of the world, a preview of the issue including the Ben Bilocq cover shot can be peeped online right here. Sick eh?

King Shit Issue 2

26 August 2009, 14.58 | Posted in magazines, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - King Shit Issue 2
Canadian skate website King Shit has put out a second print magazine and from the preview alone it’s clearly the best shit right now. Unfortunately Dave Carnie’s new home can only be found for free at Canadian skate shops. Go here to pick up a very worthwhile subscription. Via Club Mumble.

King Shit Magazine | Print Edition

07 May 2009, 23.03 | Posted in magazines, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - King Shit Magazine Print Edition
A little while ago we told you about the launch of King Snow, the online shred mag from Canada that is the wicked sister to King Shit, Canada’s main online skateboarding mag. Now it turns out that King Shit plans on doing two print issues per year. The first issue will be guest art directed by Todd Bratrud and will only be available at skateshops in Canada, eh? Issue drops May 11. If you live in the states or elsewhere, go here to see a preview. Via Boardistan.

King Snow Launched

23 April 2009, 19.12 | Posted in magazines, online, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - King Snow Site Launch
See not all is dire in the world of action sports media. King Snow, the snow cousin to Canada’s top online skate mag, King Shit, has just come alive with pleasure. How do the Canadians do it? Maybe its their government’s healthy grant programs or maybe they just want it more. Either way, both sites are rad.