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Laura Austin x Lomo | Everyone’s a Photographer

02 November 2012, 13.51 | Posted in exhibitions, openings, photography | 1 comment »

Phenom photographer and Radcollector columnist Laura Austin, whose body of work by age 21 dwarves many lifelong artists in both scope and quality, has undertaken a rad new project with “Everyone’s a Photographer.” A group show opening at the Lomo Gallery in LA tonight, “Everyone’s a Photographer” features the impressive lineup of Chad Muska, Corey Smith, Jared Eberhardt, Jeremy & Claire Weiss, Natas Kaupas, Ian Ruhter, Danny Zapalac, Jason Lee Parry, and of course Laura Austin herself. Its an event not to be missed, hit the jump for some selected works from the show as well as full event and RSVP info.

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Rhythm Summer 2012

21 May 2012, 15.54 | Posted in apparel, boardshorts, photography | 2 comments »

Australian brand Rythm has dropped their summer 2012 collection shot by none other than Radcollector’s own Laura Austin. The surfy line features classic apparel pieces with a nod towards the timeless as well as boardshorts. Check more after the jump.

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Laura Austin Interview

24 June 2010, 16.06 | Posted in interviews, magazines, snowboarding | 2 comments »

Stellar photographer, artist, and Radcollector columnist Laura Austin just scored a sweet new gig as the Online Editor at shred bible SNOWBOARDER Magazine. Its a big deal for anyone but for Laustin, a veritable child prodigy who’s already been making major moves in the industry for a decade despite being all but 20 years old, its definitely a dream job. We snagged her for a second before her workload piles up to tell us how it went down and to make sure her column stays poppin! Read the complete interview after the jump and check Laura’s handiwork here.

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decent exposure | Blotto

02 May 2010, 10.45 | Posted in interviews, photography, snowboarding | No comments »

Laura Austin returns with another rad “decent exposure” feature, this time with every shred photographer’s favorite photographer, Dean Blotto Gray. Aside from creating some of the most incredible imagery in snowboarding over the past decade, Blotto is also one of the dopest dudes in the game as evidenced by his answer to Laura’s question about device snobbery “I have zero issues with any device that captures photographs.” Enough said, read the whole thing here.

decent exposure | Aaron Blatt

06 April 2010, 15.52 | Posted in interviews, photography, snowboarding | No comments »

Laura Austin continues her decent exposure series with up and coming shred photog Aaron Blatt. The Vermont raised Blatt is the photo editor for East Coast Snowboard Mag and has already found time to live and shoot in New Zealand and Oregon in addition to the Green Mountain State. Read the full feature here.

Laura Austin | US Open Selects

25 March 2010, 14.49 | Posted in Competitions, photography, snowboarding | No comments »

Rounding out our coverage of this year’s US Open is Laura Austin’s gallery of selects from the weekend. Her stellar collection of action and lifestyle shots almost make you feel like you were there. Peep them all here.

decent exposure | Mike Basher

10 March 2010, 23.17 | Posted in interviews, magazines, photography, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector columnist and renaissance chiquita Laura Austin recently dropped her raddest decent exposure feature yet, with Snowboard Magazine’s founding and now former photo editor Mike Basher. At only 30, he’s about as OG as you can be in this game. Read the full interview here.

decent exposure: Brendan McInerney

01 March 2010, 20.36 | Posted in interviews, photography, Skateboarding | No comments »

Columnist Laura Austin has just dropped another installment of her dope “decent exposure” series. This time it’s NYC by way of Burlington, Vermont photog Brendan McInerney who gets the LAustin love. Read the full feature here.

Decent Exposure: Oli Gagnon

02 February 2010, 23.58 | Posted in interviews, photography, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector columnist Laura Austin has just dropped another super rad installment of her “Decent Exposure” photographer interview series. This time, legendary Canadian lensman Oli Gagnon goes in on what he thinks is dope, played out, and how surviving an avalanche changed his life. Read the whole thing and peep a grip of photos right here on Laura’s column. Also be sure to peep Oli’s own shred mag Slash .

Ben Birk Interview

28 December 2009, 20.32 | Posted in interviews, photography, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Ben Birk Interview
If you haven’t already, make sure you hit up Laura Austin’s column for her new series “Decent Exposure.” Intended to give some of the ill shot takers in shred some shine in front of the lens, Laura starts off with the multi talented Ben Birk. East coast and not afraid to talk shit, you kinda have to love or hate what’s he got to say. Read the whole thing here.