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Manny Santiago Interview

24 November 2009, 18.56 | Posted in interviews, Skateboarding | 49 comments »

Rad Collector - Manny Santiago Interview
With Axion finally hitting the streets again, the strength of their team is going to go a long way in determining their success. Their latest addition, Manny Santiago, joins Anthony Williams, Kyle Nicholson, Kevin Taylor and super OG Javier Nunez to give the team a nice rounded out steez with what Axion’s Mirko Mangum describes as “a positve mental attitude with smiles and good times for everyone around.” RadCollector linked up with Manny to talk about how he connected with Axion and what he’s got jumping off next. Read the full interview and peep some dope sequences after the jump.

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Axion Manny Santiago Ad

17 November 2009, 19.11 | Posted in advertising, Skateboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Axion Manny Santiago Ad
Axion keeps revving their relaunch engines and are about to drop this Manny Santiago ad for the Mandela all over the industry, Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Manny later this week.