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Zack Wallin for Matix

24 July 2013, 15.23 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Zack Wallin didn’t scrimp when it came to footage for his Matix welcome edit. It’s only a minute long but definitely paints a picture of a kid who’s ready to bleed for it, we got a feeling we’ll be seeing lots more of him soon.

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Matix | Who is Zack Wallin?

18 June 2013, 16.53 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Last time Matix asked us “Who is JJ Wessels?” now they bring it to skate with the question “Who is Zack Wallin?” As you can see, Wallin is wilin with some serious pop. Get to know him now.

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Matix | Who is JJ Wessels?

14 May 2013, 12.53 | Posted in apparel, surfing, videos | 1 comment »

If you aren’t locked into the SoCal scene you may very well not know who JJ Wessells is. Hence the service provided by this short film about the man, the myth, and the legend. Enjoy and check out JJ’s Matix collection here.

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Matix Summer 2013

30 April 2013, 14.45 | Posted in apparel, Skateboarding, surfing | No comments »

We’re still waiting for the real good weather to hit NYC but it looks like Matix is in a summer mood already with the release of their summer 2013 catalog. Shit, if we lived in Cali, we would be too. Check out some more highlights from the collection after the jump and go here to get fresh.

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Matix x Dickies 874 Trunk

15 April 2013, 23.21 | Posted in boardshorts, collabs, surfing | 1 comment »

Ever see those grimier hipsters who refuse to use a proper boardshort to go into the water, preferring instead to rock twill shorts or cutoff jeans knowing damn well they’re going to be wet and stinking the rest of the day? Yeah you know who we’re talking about. Well this year, Matix has used sublimated printing to virtually clone a pair of cutoff Dickies 874 pants into a bona fide lightweight surf trunk that should be on a required gift list for every single one of those dudes. Check out some more looks after the jump.

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Matix Clothing | Who is Daewon Song?

12 March 2013, 14.27 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | 655 comments »

Matix Clothing takes a glimpse into the history of Daewon Song, growing up in the South Bay, his early skate influences, and starting Matix Clothing with the Dunlap brothers and Tim Gavin. Sit back and get a lesson from one of the illest skaters of all time.

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Matix x Krooked | Park Crashers

02 May 2012, 13.11 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Active had a chill session at their park in honor of the new Matix x Krooked collection. Check out Mike Anderson, Daewon Song, Marc Johnson & Auby Taylor rip the Active park.

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Krooked x Matix | Mike Anderson in Dubai

15 March 2012, 14.43 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Krooked and Matix have collaborated on a new clothing collection. Here is a promo clip of Mike Anderson rocking the gear and cruising through Dubai.

RAW for Matix Capital Collection

28 November 2011, 15.52 | Posted in apparel, collabs, Skateboarding | No comments »

Of course the product offering from the RAW for Matix Capital Collection is rad, that goes without saying. What’s even radder is the thought provoking and truth wrought essay written by Steve Costello and Kevin Susienka to accompany the release. It begins in part:

Americans today are a bunch of babies. They bitch about everything and offer no solutions to the problems they are so quick to point out. Our ancestors, as we know it, did not have this mentality toward being an American. They were willing and able to do their jobs, provide for the members of their families and volunteer their lives for their country. They respected the freedom that they were granted by our forefathers’ hard work. They did not have excuses and they weren’t willing to accept mediocrity. They did it themselves no matter what the cost, and they stuck to their guns.

Read the complete piece here.

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Matix | Mannysac II

06 May 2011, 17.05 | Posted in Accessories, beer | No comments »

Matix has updated its Mannysac or as we like to call it, the adult utility belt. The new version features six beverage holders with party neon signs prints on each, perfect for putting down some cold ones while on the move. Available at the Matix online store.