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Shaun White x The New York Times | No Bueno

14 January 2014, 14.43 | Posted in interviews, snowboarding | 1 comment »

We have nothing personal against Shaun White. We aren’t necessarily down with some of his choices but we can’t front on his ability and we also know firsthand that he’s not really a giant douche. He’s a funny dude with a lot of talent that has played his hand pretty well. However we couldn’t help but cringe in reading his cover story from this Sunday’s NY Times Magazine. Not only do they play him out on the cover by calling him The Flying Tomato but the interview makes him come off like a selfish, money loving, materialistic dick that would rather make money than work with his family or have any real friends. The worst of many moments is Shaun explaining that his band makes him feel like he’s back living in a van when in reality the band was actually living in a van while he was posted up at the Bowery Hotel in NYC. Read the entire story here. This one’s not going to win him any new fans.

Frends Crew | New York Times Profile

24 March 2009, 18.51 | Posted in interviews, snowboarding | 3 comments »

Rad Collector - Frends Crew New York Times Profile
Snowboarding is about to get a lot more interesting. The Frends crew got a big writeup in the New York Times this weekend and Kevin Pearce and Mason Aguirre finally said what everyone had figured: the Frends ain’t friends with Shaun White. Pearce goes all in, “I feel the last couple years, Shaun has kind of dominated snowboarding. I think that people are getting sick of it, and they’re getting sick of seeing him.” Is it really beef or well executed pre Olympic hype? We’ll have to wait and see. Read the entire story here.

The Return of Pool Skating?

30 December 2008, 17.15 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

Amid a sea of foreclosures, advantageous skateboarders in Southern California have discovered a bright side. There is an almost endless concrete wave of abandoned pools. “Skaters Jump In as Foreclosures Drain The Pool” in today’s New York Times gives an account of a how skaters track new empties, and is accompanied by a few choice images. Draining pools provides an important service as well, clearing out often bacteria filled still water.

Another example from the article after the jump.

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The New York Times On Skate Shoe Fashion

26 September 2008, 16.47 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers | No comments »

The NYT reports on skate shoes in this weeks Thursday style section. A revelation to us all? Hardly. The focus is on the style over function nature of most skate footwear. The speed skaters run through sneakers. And, just what’s cool. There is brief discussion of skates influence on the now typical rapper list — NERD and Lupe. Check it out for yourself here.

NYT – Skateboarding Rolls Out of The Suburbs

11 November 2007, 23.25 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

There is an interesting new article up on the New York Times website about the transformation of skateboarding in the last couple of years. They mainly talk about how it is not anymore a “white boys” sport at all. Definitely an interesting read.
Check it out here.

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