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Homies Grounds

25 January 2010, 13.09 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Nico Droz and the Snowworld Productions crew have just launched a new site for their upcoming film Homies Grounds. An interactive hub for all the Homies, will feature new video content from the crew every week. Hit em up here for videos like this Stash sesh with Paul Lambersens, Frederic Couderc, Margot Rozies, Benedikt Nadig and Nico Droz.

Homies “Locked Outside” Teaser

21 May 2009, 16.12 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Mon dieu! The homies are back and they just want good times. This fall Ride, DC, Von Zipper, Eleven, Advita and Protest have linked up with the Francophile Homies crew for their next official video Locked Outside. Get ready for Nico Droz, Arthur Girault, Paul Lambersens, Pierre Rue, Romain Taillefer, Laurent Gougain, Aymeric Tonin, Romain De Marchi, Jonas Emery, Corey Noble et plus charging hard in the Alps and all over. Sacre bleu! Via BroBlog.