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Nike 6.0 | Air Zoom Oncore High

27 March 2009, 00.44 | Posted in Sneakers | 6 comments »

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 Air Zoom Oncore High
Nike 6.0 has announced a new model, the Air Zoom Oncore High. A “performance action sports shoe,” the Air Zoom Oncore High is based on the original Oncore but features a slimmer silhouette, “wing-like” construction and moisture wicking Outlast. The Air Zoom Oncore High will be available May 1st. For more info go to Nike6. The purple/black/brown colorway as well as some pics of Nigel Sylvester running the shoe after the jump.

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Nigel Sylvester | My Ambitions as a Rider

20 March 2009, 16.37 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Strictly Fitteds has put together a fresh video featuring QB native Nigel Sylvester entitled “My Ambitions as a Rider.” A mini bio that talks about how and why Nigel got into riding, the video also has some dope footage of Nigel ripping up the Brooklyn Banks. Via VitalBMX.

Nigel Sylvester Windrunner and Mavrk

02 February 2009, 04.53 | Posted in apparel, bmx, collabs, Sneakers | No comments »

Nike 6.0 BMX rider and Highsnobiety columnist, Nigel Sylvester has come out with his own designed Windrunner and Mavrk. With an ill gold, purple and black color scheme, this kit is a perfect fit for Queen’s finest. More after the jump. Via Freshness.

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