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Nike 6.0 | Aquafrolics Trailer

12 August 2009, 18.23 | Posted in films, premieres, wakeskate | No comments »

As we told you before with the release of the Todd Selby x Nike 6.0 Ben Horan shots, Nike 6.0 is going big into wakeskate. As a major jumping off, they will premiere their first-ever wakeskate movie, Aquafrolics, starring Horan, Nick Taylor, Matt Manzari, Andrew Pastura, James Balzer, and Silas Thurman in Orlando on Saturday, August 22 as part of the Surf Expo weekend. No longer wakeboarding’s little brother, wakeskate has evolved into a sublime artform owing way more to skateboarding than to wake any day. Won’t be in Orlando? Not to worry. Aquafrolics will be available in its entirety on the 6.0 site later this month. Stay tuned for more on this growing movement.

Nike 6.0 x Todd Selby | Ben Horan

11 August 2009, 17.35 | Posted in artist collaboration, lifestyle, photography, wakeskate | No comments »

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 x Todd Selby Ben Horan
Today we have some more shots from the Nike 6.0 x Todd Selby project for Fall/Holiday apparel. This is Ben Horan, 6.0’s top wakeskate dog shot at his home in Nahunta, GA where Nike also just finished building a two-tiered pond with stairs and a rail for homie to shred in. It’s good to be on Nike! 6.0 will continue to go hard in wakeskate this summer with the release of their first ever wakeskate film, Aquafrolics. More on that real soon. More Selby shots after the jump.

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Nike 6.0 x Todd Selby | Mason Aguirre

Rad Collector - Todd Selby x Nike 6.0 Mason Aguirre
Nike 6.0 has pushed past their previous watermark once again, this time in the form of their upcoming collaborative campaign for Fall/Holiday Apparel with photographer Todd Selby. Rather than just hiring Selby, the Nike 6.0 campaign will be meshed with his personal project The Selby Project is simply a collection of “interesting people in their creative spaces.” In this vein, Selby shot Garret Reynolds, Mason Aguirre, James Stewart, Nigel Sylvester, Michel Bourez, and Ben Horan in their hometowns dipped in 6.0 Fall/Holiday apparel. The works will appear in 6.0’s print ads as well as on a special mini-site dedicated to the project set to launch at later this week. Above and after the jump is Aguirre by Selby in Duluth, Minnesota rocking select apparel pieces including the the Blocked Crew and the Road Dog Flannel. Stay tuned for more from this project this week.

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Kevin Pearce on Nike 6.0

06 August 2009, 22.42 | Posted in snowboarding, team | 2 comments »

There have been rumors swirling for a minute but it’s totally official, Kevin Pearce is on Nike 6.0. The once and future hero of shred joins the squad just in time for the road to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Expect some sick things ahead from this partnership.

Nike 6.0 Stinkween Bash at the Motel No Tell

30 July 2009, 11.42 | Posted in artist collaboration, lifestyle, Parties, Sneakers | No comments »

Nike 6.0 is going so big in SoCal right now. As we mentioned a few times before, they swooped in and took over a whole motel in downtown San Clemente and turned it into the Motel No Tell, an artist and athlete-inspired respite away from the bro brah craze of the OC’s action sports event packed summer. Last week during Agenda and the US Open of Surfing, they threw down a crazy jammy jam to release the Stinkween Braata with Madsteez and Stink. All stunts were pulled out: They had lasers, a Delorean and a $36,000 sublimation machine so people could do one of a kind sublimated tees on the spot. And since kids can’t drink booze, they even had a candy room so the young’uns could tweak out on suger! Roll the video.

Daniel Dhers “Cash Roll”

28 July 2009, 13.32 | Posted in bmx, Competitions, videos | 2 comments »

You gotta love progression. At the Nike 6.0 HB BMX comp that went down on the beach in Huntington last week as part of the Hurley US Open of Surfing, Daniel Dhers introduced a new trick called the Cash Roll. Shit is no joke. Make sure to peep it in slo-mo at the end. Via Vital BMX.

Nike 6.0 | Explorer Pack

22 July 2009, 14.13 | Posted in apparel, collabs, lifestyle | 4 comments »

Rad Collector - Nike 6.0 Explorer Pack Preview
As part of their display at Agenda, Nike 6.0 is previewing their Explorer Pack for Spring 2010. In designing this pack, Nike 6.0 met with NASA officials for their consultation on everything from colors to fabrics and prints. Details include astronaut left-right orientation color coding and an all over cosmos print. Word is Buzz Aldrin was directly involved, no lie. More on that and proper shots to come. Additional preview looks at the pack after the jump.

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Harry Main Post-Injury Interview

17 July 2009, 13.03 | Posted in bmx, injuries | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Harry Main Post-Injury Interview
Nike 6.0 superstar Harry Main snapped his fibia in gnarly fashion while filming in Germany last week and will now be out for about two and a half months. He’ll miss the 6.0 HB BMX Pro and X-games, both of which go down in SoCal over the next two weeks. Bummer. Vital BMX caught up with him looped on painkillers but in otherwise good spirits to talk about what happened and what’s next. Read the whole interview here.

Point Break Live

16 July 2009, 16.02 | Posted in hotels, lifestyle, strange stuff | No comments »

Rad Collector - Point Break Live
You know this is gonna be some shit! Nike 6.0 is throwing down beaucoup festivities at the Motel No Tell over the next couple of weeks but this one may just take the cake. This Sunday, July 19th, invited guests will get a chance to see and participate in Point Break Live: Adrenaline Edition. What the hell is Point Break Live you ask? Why it’s a live action version of the Xtreme cinema classic where audience members are pulled in to re-enact pivotal scenes. This could finally be your chance to channel Johnny Utah in public!

Poketo x Nike 6.0 Madsteez Braata Wallet

16 July 2009, 14.07 | Posted in Accessories, lifestyle, Sneakers | No comments »

Rad Collector - Poketo x Nike 6.0 Madsteez Braata Wallet
We’ve been bringing you the evolution of the Stinkween Braata from Nike 6.0, here is yet another twist to the story. Starting July 24th, the first fifty pairs sold at Jacks and the first 15 pairs at the 6.0 Motel NoTell will include a limited edition Poketo x Nike 6.0 Madsteez Braata Wallet. Poketo, an art driven brand who’s motto is “Art for Your Everyday” flipped the wallet with illustrations of the StinkWeen character and a nice matching stripe. Take another look after the jump.

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