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Nike Zoom DK Commercial

09 September 2010, 15.34 | Posted in advertising, boots, snowboarding, websites | 2 comments »

Nike Snowboarding, not to be confused with Nike 6.0’s snowboard team, just launched their new website with this batshit crazy commercial for the Zoom DK. Crazy though it may be, snowboarding needs way more stuff like this. Check out more of the macabre here.

Nike Snowboarding | Aries 2010

16 March 2010, 01.20 | Posted in history, snowboarding | 3 comments »

As part of their presence at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, which spanned across pretty much every sport in the games, Nike did something a bit different for their Snowboarding program. They commandeered The Board Room, West Van’s OG shred shop, and installed an exhibit of snowboard innovation and memorabilia that spanned four decades, dozens of riders both new skool and olde, and shit from almost every brand to touch the snow. It was pretty fuckin rad. Check out the full feature on HighSnobiety . More photos from both inside and outside of the capsule after the jump.

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Nike Snowboarding 2011 Preview

30 January 2010, 21.08 | Posted in boots, snowboarding | 5 comments »

Nike Snowboarding is also in Denver this week, posted up in an undisclosed downtown location. In addition to talking about the latest legend-in-the-making to be added to their team, Nico Muller, Nike previewed some new outerwear pieces and ridiculously dope DK and Zoom Kaiju boots. An Andre Agassi snowboard boot? Too next level. Three more boots and an outerwear peek after the jump.

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Nike Snowboarding 2010 Kaiju

02 September 2009, 14.42 | Posted in boots, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Rad Collector - Nike Snowboarding Kaiju
Nike’s new Japanese-inspired Kaiju snowboarding boots have just gone under the knife over at YoBeat. Their stamp of approval should bode well for Nike’s continued advance into the sport. Read the entire review here.

Nike Snowboarding 2009/10 Boots

01 February 2009, 00.00 | Posted in boots, snowboarding | No comments »

Nike Snowboarding has unveiled its Winter 2009/10 Collection. Although some are trying to resist Nike’s re-entrance into snowboarding, it’s pretty hard to front on these boots. Plan and simple, if you are a Nike head, you are going to need these. With a team that includes Danny Kass, Laura Hadar, Louie Vito, Eric Jackson, Justin Benee, Austin Smith and Annie Boulanger, they also have the talent to back it up. This is no ACG of the late 90’s and early 00’s. Six more boots after the jump.

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Nike Snowboarding x Arbito “Danny Kass” Zoom Force 1 Boots

13 January 2009, 23.40 | Posted in snowboarding | 3 comments »

As part of the Nike Snowboarding January 2009 releases comes the new Danny Kass signature Zoom Force 1 boot. It comes features illustrations by Arbito. For the release of the boot, Nike has also produced an animated trailer, which features the artwork of Arbito as well. Check out the trailer here below.

Nike Snowboarding x Mark Dean Veca

12 January 2009, 16.30 | Posted in snowboarding | No comments »

It seems like after Stash, the next artist that Nike Snowboarding worked with, is Mark Dean Veca. So far we can only show you the wallpaper on the left. The same graphics will for sure also be applied on snowboard boots and clothing. Keep your eyes open, more on this collaboration is coming soon!

Nike Snowboarding | November Releases

03 November 2008, 15.50 | Posted in snowboarding | No comments »

We present you the new releases for November by Nike Snowboarding. The Zoom Force 1 boot comes in a new beige/khaki colorway with safari print. Matching the boots they present some new apparel, consisting of new pants and a new jacket, both also featuring the safari print. Since the safari print comes tonal, the outfit is stays pretty subtle.

Check out all Nike Snowboarding November releases after the jump.

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Nike Snowboarding Goes Live | Stash Collaboration

26 September 2008, 01.01 | Posted in Fashion, snowboarding | 9 comments »

We have been waiting for it ever since rumors started coming around last year. This season Nike is finally introducing their own snowboarding brand – Nike Snowboarding. Applying the same principals to snowboarding that have made them successful in the skateboarding world in recent years, Nike introduces the Zoom Force 1 Boot in a variety of color and material options for both men and women. Along the boots they also introduce apparel, for the moment consisting of pants and jackets. Let’s see if we will eventually also be seeing hard goods from them.

The launch is being celebrated with a collaboration with artist Stash. He designed a Zoom Force 1 boot and matching jacket, both featuring the iconic spray can cap design by the artist.

After the jump you can have a more detailed look at the products that Stash designed, as well as the first inline product that is hitting stores as we speak.

Many more images after the jump.

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