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Nitro | The Bad Seeds Full Length Video

10 November 2014, 15.37 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

It was a warm day in NYC today and so we thank the Nitro crew for reminding us that the impending arctic blast has a definite silver lining. Please enjoy their new release “The Bad Seeds” in it’s entirety and you’ll be chanting up the Snow Gods too.

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Down to Earth Crew | SLC Railgarden Edit

26 March 2013, 11.21 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

What happens when you put Marc Swoboda, Benny Urban, Basti Rittig, and Dominik Wagner on a famous 16 stair down rail on a warm slushy SLC day? Shit gets ripped. Enjoy.

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Nitro | One Run: Austin Smith

07 January 2013, 22.59 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Nitro has a dope new series showing what its like to take one top to bottom run with a pro without pressure and bullshit. Check out Austin Smith taking the extra smooth route in one take at Bear Mountain.

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Nitro | Hyped Sam Taxwell Bonus Edit

26 December 2012, 15.17 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Christmas may be over but that doesn’t mean the presents stop coming. Peep this steezy bonus edit from Nitro’s “Hyped” featuring Sam Taxwell getting it in at Superpark. Jingle Jingle.

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Nitro x Estevan Oriol

01 November 2012, 22.18 | Posted in artist collaboration, photography, snowboarding, snowboards | 4 comments »

We don’t even really like LA like that but there’s no way to front on this insane snowboard collab between Nitro and Estevan Oriol. These are the hardest decks of 2012 easy. So hard, in fact, that they don’t come out until 2013. Stay tuned for availability. Check out the top sheets after the jump.

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Nitro Alaska/SLC Edit

12 March 2009, 20.42 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

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Nitro has dropped a nice new northern lights edit featuring Jon Kooley and Ricky Tucker jibbing in AK. They also throw in some Brian Wright ripping up SLC. Via Snowboarder.