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O’Neill | Who Needs a Mountain?

16 October 2013, 11.58 | Posted in advertising, videos | 1 comment »

Ah only in Canada could this utopian vision of a mixed crew of skiiing and snowboarding kids whimsically taking over the town exist and seem perfectly normal. And try as we might we really can’t hate on it. Via YoBeat.

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PBR x O’Neill Summer Collection

15 March 2013, 18.57 | Posted in beer, collabs, surfing | No comments »

You really have got to love PBR. Not only do they make beer, and affordable beer at that, but when it comes to product collabos, they go all in. There’s never any promo cheap bullshit with Pabst. Next case in point is their summer 2013 collection with O’Neill. We’ve got a preview above, come back for a closer look following their release party on March 21 at the O’Neill store in Santa Monica.

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Why We Shred | Jordy Smith

09 November 2012, 21.13 | Posted in interviews, surfing | No comments »

RC columnist Brian Deka Paupaw was in Santa Cruz last week for the O’Neill Cold Water Classic. As part of his coverage of the event, which was also the 60th birthday for O’Neill, Deka interviewed pro surfer Jordy Smith for his ongoing “Why We Shred” interview series. Read Smith’s answers as well as his unique stance on the Olympics with regards to surfing right here.

O’Neill Cold Water Classic 2012

31 October 2012, 14.32 | Posted in Events, surfing, videos | 1 comment »

We’re only a day away from the start of the O’Neill cold water classic in Santa Cruz, CA, the ninth stop on the ASP world tour which also coincides with the 60th anniversary of the O’Neill brand. Our Brian Deka Paupaw will be out in SC, assuming he can catch a flight out of post-Sandy NYC, and bringing back interviews, behind the scenes access, and an up close view of O’Neill’s latest product line. You can also watch the event on the interwebs on O’Neill Live. Stay tuned!

O’Neill x Philips Headphones

10 November 2011, 12.47 | Posted in headphones | No comments »

O’Neill recently dropped their gauntlet into the headphone ring with the release of two action sports-specifics headphones with Dutch electronics maker Philips. With a focus on durability as well as dynamic sound, the headphones feature some shred-specific features like quick-release ear cans and super durable headbands for less breakage during bails. The Bend (above) and Stretch Scratch headphones are being repped by O’Neill athletes Seb Toots and Malia Manuel. Check more after the jump.

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O’Neill Heritage Jacket

02 February 2011, 15.40 | Posted in outerwear, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Although they aren’t the first brand to come to mind when we think of snowboard outerwear, O’Neill has solid set of offerings for 2011/12. This heritage jacket featuring the original O’Neill logo and a wild style colorway is one of several dope pieces. On the team side, in addition to big mountain legend Jeremy Jones, they’ve got young money getter Seb Toots who just took gold at Slopestyle at Winter X and gives them an excellent platform to continue to build on. We won’t be surprised to see some rad things from them in the future. More looks after the jump.

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O’Neill x Surfrider | Oil and Water Don’t Mix

01 July 2010, 18.42 | Posted in Fundraisers, special editions, surfing, t-shirts | 1 comment »

As a response to the ridiculously horrible oil spill in the Gulf, O’Neill and the Surfrider Foundation have printed this limited edition “Oil and Water Don’t Mix” t-shirt. With that simple message on one side and an image of a crossed out oil rig on the other, the shirt makes it pretty clear how the Surfriders feel about the situation and all proceeds from the shirt will go to their “Not The Answer” campaign which monitors whats happening in the Gulf and hopes to stop all offshore drilling alltogether. The shirt drops exclusively at ONeill and Killerdana today. A look at the Drill graphic after the jump.

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project BLUE Photo Contest

28 May 2009, 19.03 | Posted in contests, eco, Fundraisers, surfing | No comments »

Rad Collector - project BLUE Photo Contest
We’ve been telling you about the different aspects of project BLUE, the surf industry initiative to donate money from the sales of special product to the Surfrider Foundation. In addition to their other efforts, project BLUE has launched a contest asking people to take a picture of themselves in front of a shop that carries brands that are a part of project BLUE (Billabong, DAKINE, Electric, Famous Wax, Nixon, O’Neill and Reef) and then a second picture inside the store next to project BLUE merch. If your pic is chosen you win some project BLUE gear and get to ride a high horse about how you’re so much more pro-enviro than your friends. Easy enough eh? Send entries to [email protected] For more contest info go here. Contest runs until June 9 so gets to snappin.

project BLUE | Billabong and O’Neill

16 April 2009, 23.52 | Posted in collabs, eco, Fundraisers, special editions, surfing | No comments »

Rad Collector - Project Blue Billabong and O'Neill
On a more tranquil side of the spectrum a consortium of seven leading surf brands have combined to form project BLUE, a special line of co-branded goods, the sale of which goes to the non-profit Surfrider Foundation. The participating brands are Billabong, DAKINE, Electric, Famous Wax, Nixon, O’Neill and Reef.

We have a couple of pieces from Billabong and O’Neill to show you here. The Billabong Supersonic boardshorts are made from the company’s proprietary Eco-Supreme Suede material, made from recycled plastic bottles. According to the company more than three million plastic bottles have been diverted from landfills to become Billabong boardshorts in the last three years. The O’Neill Atmosphere hoodie and tee are made from organic cotton and printed using soy based inks. Take a look after the jump.

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O’Neill H4 Campack

26 November 2007, 12.41 | Posted in snowboarding | No comments »

The O’Neill H4 Campack is designed to be used as a fully functional snowboard backpack with the addition of an integrated portable media player and external camera lens.

With ease-of-use lying at the heart of the H4 Campack, the wearer is able to start and stop recording almost effortlessly by pressing a large button positioned on the left shoulder strap. There is most probably no better way to film freestyle and freeride snowboarding action.

The portable media player is positioned in the backpack’s top pocket safely stored between protective padding. The media player records all the action captured by the goggle strap or helmet mounted camera lens. For instant review on the mountain slope, open the top pocket and check your action via the media player’s screen. For sharing or Internet upload, take out the SD card which is used for video storage and copy the videos to a laptop.
Definitely a pretty nice idea and actually something that makes sense. The O’Neill H4 Campack will soon be available at the Colette online store.
More pics after the jump.

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