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Orchard Skateshop x Antihero | Off Campus Housing

22 May 2013, 20.22 | Posted in collabs, shops, Skateboarding | 5 comments »

In what is definitely our favorite pack of the year so far, Boston’s Orchard Skateshop has collabed with Antihero for the “Off Campus Housing” care package. This epic kit is meant to celebrate Boston’s college town notoriety and incudes a deck plus co-branded Toilet Paper, Roach Killer, Emergency Tighty Whiteys, Bar of Soap, Travel Toothbrush, #2 Pencil, MOB Griptap and snacks! Peep more images as well as their promo video after the jump.

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Steve Durante on Orchard | Fred Gall on Seasons

03 November 2010, 19.22 | Posted in shops, Skateboarding, team | No comments »

Here’s a double down video announcing both Steve Durante’s recent addition to the Orchard Skateshop squad out of Allston, Mass as well as Fred Gall’s joining forces with the Season’s crew from Albany, NY. What do Albany and Allston have in common you ask? They are both cold as fuck.

Orchard Skate Shop | Out of Body Experience

29 October 2009, 12.25 | Posted in premieres, Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Next Friday November 6, Boston is gonna go nuts for the premiere of Orchard Skate Shop’s first ever video, Out of Body Experience. Skating by Frtiz Mead, Lurker Lou, Joey Pepper, Billy Campbell, any many more plus PBR and Red Bull should be wilder than the original Tea Party. Full info after the jump.

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