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Relentless | Lives of the Artists “Follow Me Down”

21 July 2010, 12.34 | Posted in energy drinks, films, snowboarding | No comments »

Relentless is back with another Lives of the Artists film, this one entitled “Follow Me Down.” In the same stunning fashion, the film focuses on big mountain luncatics, Jeremy Jones and Xavier De Le Rue’s attempt to conquer the final shred frontier of Antarctica. Look for a release in September.

Relentless | Lives of the Artists

11 December 2009, 11.39 | Posted in energy drinks, films, Music, snowboarding, surfing | No comments »

Today we present in it’s entirety, Lives of The Artists, the amazing new feature-length documentary from Relentless that explores the personalities of contemporary athletes and artists as they search for fulfillment. With stunning cinematography and ultra candid detail into the lives of big mountain rider Xavier De Le Rue, surfers Tom Lowe, Fergal Smith and Mickey Smith and the punk rock outfit Gallows, it’s on some serious next level shit. Plus it’s Friday so go ahead and watch the whole thing. Via Mpora.