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Riff Raff Shook Ones Freestyle

24 March 2014, 12.08 | Posted in Music | 1 comment »

Riff Raff gets a whole new level of respect for this one! An actual freestyle in hip hop? That’s unheard of! Seriously just hearing someone go off the top is so rare that you have to give it to him for holding it down. Phones down!

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Action Bronson “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”

20 May 2013, 16.41 | Posted in Music, videos | 4 comments »

The rotund white Ghostface known as Action Bronson is back with his latest video “Strictly 4 My Jeeps.” Like anything else that owes so much to Ghost, it’s a banger, and the Riff Raff cameo is dead on, he’s actually playing himself if he were real. Here’s a trivia tidbit too: the Monster chain Riff Raff loses was given to him by Trouble Andrew. Ask around, its true!

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Neff x Riff Raff | Lazeriff T-Shirt

08 April 2013, 12.10 | Posted in craze | No comments »

Why the media have not caught on to the obvious illuminati ties between Riff Raff and Neff is anyone’s guess, maybe it goes all the way up to Joe Smith. Anyways, our biggest question after seeing this video for Riff Raff’s new Lazeriff t-shirt with Neff is what brand of blender is that?

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Trouble Andrew x YES | Fly So High T-Shirt

17 September 2012, 11.59 | Posted in Music, special editions, t-shirts, videos | 2 comments »

Trouble Andrew is ripping through the south right now as part of Yelawolf’s Slumerican tour. For those lucky enough to catch him, YES produced these limited edition “Fly So High” tees inspired by the Trouble song of the same name. Tour dates and tickets are here. In other Trouble news, TA, recently linked with Mad Decent’s hype machine Riff Raff for an animated video for “Can’t Fit In.” Check it out below.