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The Luckiest Dude Alive

24 September 2014, 09.38 | Posted in craze | No comments »

Whatever you’re out there doing today whether its riding, skating, surfing, or shredding – keep your head up! The world is a crazy place!

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The Shadow Soviet Tour Teaser

12 October 2011, 16.06 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

How these guys made it out of Russia alive is a miracle. On October 19, The Shadow Conspiracy will release the full length video of Seth Kimbrough, Trey Jones, Ben Hucke, and Ryan Sher’s journey behind the iron curtain. It should be more epic than Red Dawn. Dasvidaniya yo!

Tracking Eero | Russia Episode

01 December 2009, 12.48 | Posted in snowboarding, tv, videos | No comments »

Ever since the days of Red Dawn, it’s been every kid’s dream to get behind the Iron Curtain and see what Russia is all about. Now in the modern day, we also know that they have faucets that flow vodka, women who’s sense of their own beauty totally escapes them, and tons of shreddable terrain. This is exactly why Eero Ettala’s raddest episode of his “Tracking Eero” series is the Russia Episode. Peep some highlights above and after the jump hear Eero talk about Russia in his own words. Dasvidaniya.

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