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In4mation x 8five2 Skateboard Deck

10 July 2008, 12.45 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

highsnobiety - In4mation x 8five2 Skateboard Deck
Located at Causeway Bay, 8five2 is Hong Kong’s premier skateboard shop. For their new decks they’ve teamed with In4mation out of Hawaii once again. The deck is black,the logos for each company are tonal, and Hong Kong’s flower is set into the bold "Hong Mutha Fuckin’ Kong" lettering. Available only from 8five2 and In4mation. 
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False Enlist Skate Decks

23 December 2007, 16.30 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

False Enlist Skate Deck
Recently we presented to you the latest False collection. Today they released the False Enlist decks. As usual the brand puts more effort into it, than most others. Not only are the decks individually hand-screened, the decks are also custom made.
You can purchase them now in their online store!
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5 & A Dime Collaborations – Crooks/ Hellz Bellz/Rogie Status

07 December 2007, 12.20 | Posted in Fashion, Skateboarding | 3 comments »

As part of their 2 year anniversary celebrations San Diego boutique 5 & A Dime continues to collaborate with some of the brands that they carry. Before we have seen collaboration on t-shirts with The Hundreds and Rogue Status.

Now they collaborated with Hellz Bellz on a t-shirt. This tee features the Hellz Bellz transparent bubble logo. Only available for girls.

For the guys they have a Crooks & Castles collaboration waiting. The wave pattern shown in the logo is the latest design used in the Crooks Illuminati Fall line.

Last but not least they collaborated with Rogue Status and Zoo York on a skate deck. The design on the board looks, as if somebody placed lots of stickers on the board.
Check out more pics after the jump.
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Stereo x Rostarr Skate Deck

25 July 2007, 17.06 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

Turntable Lab has released the new Stereo Summer 2007 collection and along this fresh new Stereo x Rostarr skate deck. In nice bright colors it is the perfect deck for the summer. The deck is limited to 300 pieces.
The new Stereo Summer line is looking good with a nice line-up of t-shirts and also some really nice backpacks and messenger bags. Get a glimpse of it after the jump.
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