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Afrikabamboardin! A Snowboard Journey To Africa

04 February 2013, 16.03 | Posted in craze, snowboarding, videos, websites | No comments »

This past August Snowboarder Magazine linked up with Scott Stevens, Nick Visconti, and Stevie Bell for a trip to Lesotho Africa to a small ski area called Afriski to experience snowboarding on the African continent. Yup, snowboarding in Africa! Watch and be amazed.

Have You Ever Smoked Weed on a Chairlift?

23 October 2012, 15.34 | Posted in interviews, snowboarding, videos, weed | 1 comment »

In this weeks “Have You Ever” video, Snowboarder Magazine’s Pat Bridges asks nearly every relevant snowboarder in the world the simple question “Have You Ever Smoked Weed on a Chairlift?” The fascinating montage of responses reveal an unexpected range of answers that should give pause to any stereotyping of snowboarders as strictly cannabis imbibers. Now pass the doobie brah!

Superpass Series at Mountain Creek

02 February 2012, 13.51 | Posted in Events, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

The second stop of the Superpass Series presented by Snowboarder Magazine will be held this Sunday, February 5, at Mountain Creek, NJ. The best snowboarders from the Tri-State Area and beyond will battle it out for an invite to Superpark 16. Bring your game face and best tricks for a chance win tons of free prizes from CAPiTA, Union, Spy, and High Cascade Snowboard Camp, along with an invite to Superpark 16. Check out the video from last year and then hit the jump for the flyer.

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Tranny Finders | Behind The Scenes Video

17 October 2011, 16.36 | Posted in craze, photography, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

What’s the best way to promote snowboard outerwear for women? Have Peter Line photograph some professional male snowboarders in drag. Yup, that’s how. Check out the hilarious video. Via SnowboarderMag.

Halldor Helgason Up For Grabs

30 July 2010, 15.59 | Posted in contests, snowboarding | No comments »

Snowboarder Magazine has just dropped an “Up For Grabs” with Halldor Helgason, one half of the Icelandic wonder bros known simply as Helgasons. Go here to see what gear Halldor is pimping for 2011 and enter yourself for a chance to win his entire kit.

Laura Austin Interview

24 June 2010, 16.06 | Posted in interviews, magazines, snowboarding | 2 comments »

Stellar photographer, artist, and Radcollector columnist Laura Austin just scored a sweet new gig as the Online Editor at shred bible SNOWBOARDER Magazine. Its a big deal for anyone but for Laustin, a veritable child prodigy who’s already been making major moves in the industry for a decade despite being all but 20 years old, its definitely a dream job. We snagged her for a second before her workload piles up to tell us how it went down and to make sure her column stays poppin! Read the complete interview after the jump and check Laura’s handiwork here.

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Snowboarder Mag x Jeremy Jones x JP Walker

06 January 2010, 19.12 | Posted in magazines, snowboarding | No comments »

Rad Collector - Snowboarder Mag x Jeremy Jones x JP Walker
The February issue of Snowboarder Magazine, which is hitting newsstands as we speak, has the distinction of being guest edited by two of shred’s raddest J name-having dudes: Jeremy Jones and JP Walker. You can peep what happens when talent like this collides in this little Jeremy x JP interview at