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Vans x CCS “Halloween Pack” By JP Elliot

11 October 2008, 00.18 | Posted in Fashion, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 5 comments »

Vans got together with retailer CCS on a Halloween Pack. The pack consists of a Vans No Skool Mid 2, t-shirt and matching skateboard deck. The collab is a tribute to 80’s skate thrash graphics and was designed by JP Elliott, exclusively for CCS.

All three pieces in the pack have been printed with glow-in-the-dark ink, making sure you shine when the lights go off.

The Vans x CCS “Halloween Pack” is now available at CCS.

Grotesk For 5Boro NYC

29 August 2008, 12.35 | Posted in Fashion, Skateboarding | No comments »

highsnobiety - Grotesk For 5Boro NYC
Artist Grotesk designed for 5Boro NYC a skateboard deck and matching t-shirt. The artist used his collection of stickers as an inspiration for the design. But not any stickers, weare here talking about the stickers that are placed in NYC next to store gates, letting owners know who to call in the case of malfunction. Grotesk collected lots of them and now used them for this design.
Both Goresk x 5Boro NYC pieces will be released on September 15th on the 5Borowebsite.
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Manik Skateboards “George Carlin” T-Shirt

14 July 2008, 12.00 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

highsnobiety - manik george carlin t-shirt
We present you a new Manik t-shirt featuring a George Carlin photo print. Manik created the tee in remembrance of the late great comedian George Carlin, who recently passed away on June 22 a few weeks back. Carlin was infamous for his raw, dark, and political humor. He never held any punches, and no subject was off limits. In 1978, his "Seven Dirty Words" standup was taken all the way to the Supreme Court because the F.C.C. felt it was too extreme to play on public television.

That stand-up, "Seven Dirty Words," was the inspiration for this tee. The bit was about the seven words you could never say on television. The tee features a photo of George Carlin on the front, with those seven words listed on the back in a tonal print.
The t-shirt is now available at 5 & A Dime and comes in two colorways.
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Harold Hunter Day II Product | T-Shirt & Deck

13 June 2008, 19.42 | Posted in Fashion, Skateboarding | No comments »

harold hunter day 2 products - highsnobiety
On May 17th the 2nd Annual Harold Hunter Day brought together NYC’s skateboarding community for a positive day of shredding in honor of the late, great Harold Hunter.

More than five-hundred skaters and spectators swarmed the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark for a heated six-hour session with beats provided by New York’s finest, Pete Rock.  Afterward, the masses flocked to KCDC Skateshop where, in true Harold form, the party bumped late into the night.

In celebration of this noteworthy occasion and to keep Harold’s spirit strong, the non-profit Harold Hunter Foundation has teamed up with The Zoo York Institute to release a limited edition HH Day II commemorative deck and t-shirt featuring Harold pics by long-time friend and acclaimed photographer, Giovanni Reda.

Both items are now available only at select New York shops including Rival, Autumn, Everything Must Go, Richmond Hood Company, Blades, DQM, and Homage.  Additionally, a special bundled kit including a deck, t-shirt and signed copy of Reda’s “Harold Hunter: The Book” is available exclusively at KCDC.  Proceeds from the sale of all HH Day II commemorative gear will be donated to the Harold Hunter Foundation which will use the funds to send six underprivileged NYC kids to Camp Woodward this summer.
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Fitted Hawaii “The Exploited” T-Shirt

01 June 2008, 23.34 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

fitted hawaii the exploited t-shirt - highsnobiety
Since the mid 70’s, early 80’s, punk rock served as an outlet for “outsiders” who considered themselves “anti-establishment”. Groups such as the world renowned Ramones, Sex Pistols & The Clash paved the way for modern day punk groups such as The Misfits, Minor Threat or Bad Brains. One such punk rock band that had an influence on new, faster punk rock (called “hardcore punk”) as well as the punk rock lifestyle, are The Exploited from the UK. Formed in 1979 and still going strong to this day, their album covers and lifestyle have had a lot of influence on how the younger generation present themselves, a DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude; not caring what the next person thinks.
Fitted Hawaii presents “The Exploited” pack. The shirt graphic is flipped from an album by The Exploited featuring a skeleton with lots of bright, neon colors that are drawn from the early days of punk rock – the Reflective skeleton is rocking a crazy, spiked mohawk with a grimey set of glow-in-the-dark teeth. The t-shirt has been released this weekend in several colorways.
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Fuct x Larry Clark

30 April 2008, 05.20 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

highsnobiety - fuct x larry clark
Known for straight forward, if not a little graphic, depictions of youth culture, Larry Clark has generated his fair share of controversy. Yet, films like Kids and Wassup Rockers are vital investigations of street and skate life. Teaming with Fuct seems pretty natural, and the collaboration works seamlessly. London’s famed Slam City Skates has the Fuct x Larry Clark x Tif t-shirt in stock now.
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Freshjive Homosexual Tendencies

12 April 2008, 17.46 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

HighSnobiety - Freshjive Homosexual Tendencies
Another special edition tee available now from Freshjive – Homosexual Tendencies. This tee is Rick Klotz’s commentary on his own experiences with some of Suicidal Tendencies’ meat-head followers during the early eighties. Full “article” on the Freshjive website. Another banger.
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Diamond x The Skateboard Mag “Stop Skate Harassment” T-shirt

09 April 2008, 15.08 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

diamond x the skateboard mag skate harassment t-shirt - highsnobiety
Robust Flavor has gotten in a the new collaboration by Diamond Supply Co. and our good friends at The Skateboard Mag. Introducing the “Stop Skate Harassment” T-shirt featuring a pig, spoofing traditional police shields.
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FTC Tokyo 1rst Anniversary Product

31 March 2008, 18.03 | Posted in Fashion, Skateboarding | No comments »

ftc tokyo 1rst anniversary t-shirt deck - highsnobiety
Time passes by so quick. FTC Tokyo now also starts celebrating their first anniversary of their new location. For the occasion they made a t-shirt and matching skatedeck. Both is now available at Stless.
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“Pharrell Can Skate” T-Shirt

03 March 2008, 11.58 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

A while ago Plain Gravy out of LA released the “Pharrell Can’t Skate” t-shirt and it was an instant success. Now we came across the “Pharrell Can Skate” t-shirt and where else but on the Team IceCream blog could it have popped up?!
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