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Chocolate Girls Series by Todd Bratrud

18 December 2013, 12.50 | Posted in decks, Skateboarding | 1 comment »

Chocolate has a rad release this week with the Chocolate Girls series by Todd Bratrud. Bratrud hooks up a psychadelic seventies steez on decks for Gino Iannucci, Justin Eldridge, Stevie Perez, Raven Tershy, Vincent Alvarez, Elijah Berle, Marc Johnson, and Kenny Andrerson. Get them at the Crailstore, of course.

The Art of Todd Bratrud: Seen Unknown

24 October 2011, 23.30 | Posted in Art, books, Skateboarding | No comments »

Next up on your required reading list: The Art of Todd Bratrud: Seen Unknown, the new book chronicling Bratrud’s prolific career. Published by Mark Batty and edited by enjoi’s Winston Tseng, Seen Unknown runs the gamut from decks to kicks and are a perfect snapshot of current skateboarding art at its most innovative. Via Complex.

Cheech And Chong Dunk Wear Test

16 May 2011, 23.56 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers, special editions | No comments »

By now you know all about the secret “green” layer of the Nike SB Cheech and Chong Dunks that only reveals itself if you actually skate ’em, check out this wear test from Premier that shows how far you have to go in to get to the sticky icky.

Nike SB Cheech & Chong Dunks | A Closer Look

13 April 2011, 22.05 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers, special editions | 4 comments »

We ran the leaked images of these a couple weeks back but now can bring you the money shots of the most anticipated Dunk release of the year. For this 4/20 Todd Bratrud went Cheech and Chong loko right down to the smallest details – the green of the extra laces even matches that downtown brown they were smoking! Better try to get these fast or you’re paying High Grade prices for sure. Detailed images after the jump. Via Scene Skate.

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Nike SB x Todd Bratrud | Cheech & Chong Dunks

28 March 2011, 16.50 | Posted in Skateboarding, Sneakers, special editions | No comments »

To follow up the 420 Dunk he did last year, Todd Bratrud found some inspiration with the OG’s of smokeytown, Cheech and Chong. Besides the obvious nods to LA Mexican culture in the colors are references to the outfits worn by the duo in their opus, Up In Smoke. Only 1000 of these will be available on April 20th. More looks after the jump. Via

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etnies | Todd Bratrud for Sean Malto Interview

If you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes when an artist collaborates with a skateboarder on a special edition pro model, here is a spookily accurate portrayal starring Todd Bratrud as he creates the Sean Malto “Deuces Wild.”

Werd Life Art Show

02 June 2010, 22.00 | Posted in Art, shops, Skateboarding | No comments »

If the Zero x Mystery demo doesn’t demolish the building, KCDC plans to throw down again this weekend with the Werd Life art show on Sunday. Heavy heavyweights Geoff Rowley, Arto Saari, Mark Appleyard, and Todd Bratrud will be showing and selling some work for this one night only affair. Full flyer after the jump.

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Todd Bratrud 4/20 Pack

20 April 2010, 12.03 | Posted in collabs, decks, shops, Skateboarding, Sneakers, special editions | No comments »

It’s 4/20 all day and the tribute packs keep rollin up. You’ve no doubt seen the infamous “Weed Dunks” by Todd Bratrud, now peep the entire pack of chronic-inspired goods that Bratrud concocted including a skateboard from The High 5 and a t-shirt with Familia Skateboard Shop. Another look after the jump.

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Uncommon x Todd Bratrud

29 December 2009, 14.57 | Posted in Accessories, artist collaboration | No comments »

Rad Collector - Uncommon x Todd Bratrud
Even though it would seem like Incase has the iPhone case game on lock, there is apparently still some room in the field. Uncommon has come out of the gate swinging and gotten Todd Bratrud to get down with their program along with other heavyweights like Boogie and Thrasher Magazine. Peep all 9 of Bratrud’s designs here. Via Club Mumble.

KCDC x Todd Bratrud

08 October 2009, 20.30 | Posted in artist collaboration, shops, Skateboarding, t-shirts | No comments »

Rad Collector - KCDC x Todd Bratrud
What does KCDC ever do that isn’t dope – nothing that’s what. Same deal for their new collabo tee with Todd Bratrud. Speaking of Bratrud, when does he do something that isn’t dope too? Exactly. Available in white and olive as well as in a long sleeve, this kit will be available starting tomorrow only at KCDC BK as well as in their online shop. You better cop quick. Oh yeah, to make it a bit more interesting, Amy Gunther just did a rad interview with the artist too, check it out here.