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Back To The Berg Right Now!

Rad Collector - Back to the Berg
If you live anywhere in California, especially the Northern part, this is where you should be right now. Are you? No excuses, get Back To The Berg yo!

Tony Manfre Wallenberg Talk

Rad Collector - Tony Manfre Wallenberg Talk
Wine country’s finest thrasher, Tony Manfre, just earned himself the distinction of nailing both a switch ollie and a switch frontside 180 at San Fran’s legendary Wallenberg spot. Joe Brook sat Tony down to talk about it in a nice little video interview for Slap. You can see he’s got the new Shut Skulls deck with him. Peep the video and some additional pics here. Via Shut.

Brian Anderson and the Phelper talk about Wallenberg

28 April 2009, 17.19 | Posted in contests, legendary skatespots, Skateboarding | No comments »

Brian Anderson stopped by Thrasher to sit on the couch and discuss the upcoming Wallenberg contest with Thrasher editor Jake Phelps on what’s possible there. Remember, Back to the Berg is going to happen on May 30th.

Back To The Berg

02 April 2009, 16.43 | Posted in contests, Events, legendary skatespots, Skateboarding | No comments »

It’s the legendary San Francisco leap, the big four set that became history when Mark Gonzales first ollied it in 1991 for his part in Blind Skateboard’s “Video Days”. Many after him tried, failed, gave blood, survived – or succeeded… Andrew “The Boss” Reynolds flipped it frontside and backside, Chris Cole did a TreFlip and Darrell Stanton switch BS 180’d it. Since the Wallenberg School re-profiled the run up from the nearby Vega Street, the spot, or at least the big four, became nearly unskateable as skaters aren’t able to gain enough speed to jump the 6 x 18 feet. Once again, Thrasher Magazine sets up a roll-in to host the “Back To The Berg” contest at the infamous spot, inviting a good bunch of today’s top notch skaters to jump it. The winning move will be worth 10.000$ while the first girl to jump the set will get a grand. The event will take place on May 30th.