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CNN is Pro Weed

08 August 2013, 13.13 | Posted in weed | 2 comments »

Obviously most of us have known this forever but its rad to get some validation from one of the world’s major news outlets/propaganda machines that weed is all good! Yep, Dr Sanjay Gupta today announced he was dead wrong for opposing the chronic and offered a pretty spectacular apology for it. Read it here while you rip a few tubes and maybe even call mom to say “I told ya so!” CNN is also airing a documentary called “Weed” on Agust 11 at 8pm. Hell yeah!

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NW Cannabis Market

03 July 2013, 12.12 | Posted in videos, weed | No comments »

Major props to our homies over at Cool Hunting for their latest video piece – a look into the NW Cannabis Market in Seattle. In what could best be described as a farmers market for bud, this only proves to us that the human race is capable of progress. Amen.

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Have You Ever Smoked Weed on a Chairlift?

23 October 2012, 15.34 | Posted in interviews, snowboarding, videos, weed | 1 comment »

In this weeks “Have You Ever” video, Snowboarder Magazine’s Pat Bridges asks nearly every relevant snowboarder in the world the simple question “Have You Ever Smoked Weed on a Chairlift?” The fascinating montage of responses reveal an unexpected range of answers that should give pause to any stereotyping of snowboarders as strictly cannabis imbibers. Now pass the doobie brah!

California Full Legalization Vote

27 March 2010, 17.20 | Posted in politics | 4 comments »

Ahh California. The cradle of the action sports world is poised to birth another nationwide trend with the recent announcement that full marijuana legalization has been added to the ballot for their upcoming state referendums in November. The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act would let anyone over 21 grow and possess an ounce of the green. If this goes through, get ready for every shredder not already living in Cali to move there. Read more at Newsweek.

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