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dose | Weed, Women, and Whiskey Flips at X Games

27 January 2014, 12.46 | Posted in comedy, craze | 1 comment »

While Danny was busy winning the halfpipe, Timbo was lurking in the crowd talking to the most interesting people he could find. The results are pretty amazing. Find more dose on Network A.

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Oakley X Games Barcelona Edit

22 May 2013, 19.34 | Posted in Events, videos | 1 comment »

Disney’s European cash grab popped off last week as summer X Games touched down in Barcelona for the first time ever. Corporate homogenization aside, Barcelona is sick and so were the athletes that attended. Check out Oakley’s take on the event in the above edit hosted by Curren Caples.

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X Games Detroit Official Bid Video

10 May 2013, 17.37 | Posted in Competitions, videos | 1 comment »

On one hand this whole Detroit PR campaign is kind of like, enough already, but on the other hand the D was one of America’s greatest cities and is currently in worse shape than most third world metropolises. Having said that, this video, and the campaign to bring X Games to Detroit is one of the raddest things we’ve seen in the industry in a while. It’s like, shit, what do they have to lose, and that’s some fresh American spirit. Put our names on the petition, we want to see X Games Detroit! #XG2D

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X Games | Dion Agius Real Surf Brasil 2013 Video

26 April 2013, 19.56 | Posted in surfing, videos | No comments »

Man you’ve really got to hand it to whoever came up with the “Real” video competition concept for X Games. Not only is it the best part of X by far but now that surfers have a version, shit is getting weird. This bronze medal winning edit by Dion Agius for Brasilian X Games at Foz do Iguacu is fucking amazing on every level. Pretty crazy that no snowboarder ever thought to put a hot girl in their part, eh?

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Louif Paradis Wins X Games Street

26 January 2013, 15.32 | Posted in Competitions, snowboarding | 1 comment »

Next up in X Games news, Candian Louif Paradis followed up his X Games Real Snow video gold with a gold in the real life version of the competition. That’s pretty chill. Up for grabs is the fan favorite award with Eeero Ettala and Frank April still in the running. Go here to vote.

X Games Real Street 2012 | Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

11 June 2012, 11.34 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Here is Aaron Homoki’s Real Street edit for the upcoming X Games. Looks like Jaws might take this one with his onslaught of huge tricks. Peep the video and then go here to vote.

Radcollector Interviews | Pat Moore on Real Snow

21 January 2012, 23.46 | Posted in Competitions, snowboarding, videos | 1 comment »

Winter X Games’ rad Real Snow video battle is into its second round of voting. As we’ve endorsed Pat Moore as our shredidate of choice for this year, we thought we’d get him to tell us a little more about the inspiration behind his epic part. Read the full interview after the jump and don’t forget to cast your vote for Pat here!

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Real Snow 2012 | Pat Moore

11 January 2012, 18.50 | Posted in Competitions, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Our money’s going to have to be on Pat Moore for this year’s X Games Real Snow video competition, even with Halldor Helgason coming with some major shit. Peep Pat’s part above and get over to ESPN to vote.

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X-Games Real Street Contest

29 June 2011, 12.36 | Posted in contests, Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Opening rounds of the Real Street contest starts today. Sixteen of the world’s best street skaters submitted 60-second video parts for a shot at $50,000 and an X Games gold medal. Our homie R.B Umali is reppin in the contest with two videos he shot for Brandon Westgate and Zered Bassett. Go here to watch all the videos and vote for your favorite one.

X Games 17 | Real Street Preview

02 June 2011, 12.08 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | 2 comments »

Sixteen of the world’s best street skateboarders will submit 60-second video parts for a shot at $50,000 and an X Games gold medal. Our homie R.B Umali has been working hard on videos for both Zered Bassest and Brandon Westgate, which will air on ABC on Saturday, July 30. More info on how to vote for your favorite video later this month.

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